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Online Fish Health Certificate Program for Producers

Online Fish Health Certificate Program for Producers

Time limit: 90 days


Full course description

This training provides producers with relevant risk assessment and management principles and practices to reduce losses due to fish diseases. The certificate includes a six module web-based learning program, listed below. 

  1. Introductory Principles & Practices - Regional fish production, farm types in the North Central Region, principle culture systems and various regulatory agencies involved in U.S. aquaculture.
  2. Risk Management & Biosecurity - Methods that can assist producers in reducing the risk of introduction of diseases at aquaculture facilities. This module reviewed topics such as Best Management Practices, loss events, continuing education, veterinary services, record keeping, and links to state and federal guidelines and policies.
  3. Water Quality Management, Monitoring & Disease Prevention -  Includes reviews of water characteristics, physical and chemical water components, and effluent discharge at aquaculture facilities. 
  4. Fish Health Inspections - Particular emphasis on what producers should expect at an inspection, how producers can prepare for inspections, regulatory consequences, supplies and equipment required at an inspection, and how samples are collected, shipped and what type of voucher specimens may be collected. Please view the Fish Health Certificate as a reference document.
  5. Veterinary Health Assessments - Reports presented showing typical results of a fish health inspection. Information included shows a producer how they can use the information to improve fish health management at their facility. This included a review of treatments and medications and the role of follow-up assessments.
  6. Case Studies - Describing diseases based on water quality problems, environmental diseases, bacterial infections and ectoparasites that have been developed based on actual "real-world" examples.

Participants will have 90 days to complete this training from their enrollment date. To complete the training and receive the certificate participants must score 90% or higher on five quizzes and complete a course evaluation. Participants are allowed multiple attempts on quizzes. All participants should manage their own time and progress.

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